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Accent Roofs
Accent Roofs

Let Us Accent Your Roof!

A brief description of accent roofing is when you use a different material for a smaller section of your home than the rest of the roof that covers it and for many structures, it’s done with metal for both ease of installation and a lesser cost. 

Sometimes it is done as a design selection while other times it is a necessity to make a specific area of the roof watertight. Often these accent pieces are done on a front porch, the cornice strip over a garage, or even on a dormer (the window on your second floor that protrudes ever so slightly). 

If you have something like this on your home already or are considering adding something for an enhanced and aesthetic look, it’s important to find a roofing company with expert designers and plenty of experience installing all of these types of products. No matter what your reasoning may be, Gold Standard Restorations knows it’s important to make sure that you find the highest quality material with a vibrant look for your home.

Conical turret accent roof by gold standard restorations elgin illinois

Where Accent Roofs Are Commonly Installed

Another place that you often see this style of roofing would be on difficult-to-roof areas or shapes of your home that may be oddly shaped. We often see it on homes that have conical roofs for turrets or rounded dormer tops on multi-level buildings. These shapes make asphalt shingles and other common roofing styles difficult to build due to the curvature and the way small sections of your house are built. 

Even for our professional contractors at Gold Standard, they can be a challenge but that doesn’t make it impossible to repair, upgrade, or add on to a current remodeling project. In some cases, with areas like covered patios or porches, metal roof materials can be used as accent roofing because it can be less stressful on the budget and it can take significantly less time to build. 

For many homeowners, residential metal roofing is being used more often because of how easily it can be acquired and re-shaped to fit the area that needs to be covered and in many cases, it makes for a better quality roof covering to use metal.

Metal accent roof over porch installed by gold standard restorations the best roofers in barrington illinois

Why Install Metal On A Porch?

Any kind of metal on a porch covering is something our expert installers at Gold Standard run into all the time. 

Often when a porch is built onto the home, the pitch of the roof is lower than the rest of the house (the common ratio being 4/12 which translates into four inches of rise for each foot of material ran). When this is the case, special precautions must be taken to ensure that the roof will accomplish two critical tasks: the first would be to ensure the projected roof doesn’t leak, and the second and most obvious being that it drains water off efficiently during any kind of rainfall. 

One of the benefits of installing metal roofing panels on any part of your home that is accented is that they allow water to run down more easily as opposed to getting caught up in lifted shingles that many homeowners don’t notice. Another is that metal panels are less likely to allow water to intrude into the roof because of both the seamless installation and how they convene with your gutters, making them an obvious choice. 

Don’t Hesitate To Get Answers On Strange Sections Of Your Roof!

Gold Standard Restorations

For many homeowners, accent roofing is just another piece of your home that needs to be covered so it can keep the interior of your home dry but finding a general contractor that can provide efficient roofing services is already a difficult task. When you call Gold Standard Restorations for a consultation about covering those odd parts of your roof that need repairing or a simple upgrade, you’ll get more than just incredible customer service.

Our team will provide all the options to fit your budget, and give you the design you’re looking for while ensuring that your roof will stay standing for years to come. Don’t waste time with other roofing companies that promise more than they can offer and call us at 847-495-2399 for any questions and have one of our expert roofers come to your home to give you an idea of exactly what needs to be done. 

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