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Architectural Shingles

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Architectural Shingles
Architectural Shingles

The Difference of Architectural Shingles

Finding the best roofing product for your home can be a difficult task if you don’t realize the differences with all the options that are available. This is why Gold Standard Restorations is one of the top, professional contractors in the Chicagoland area because we have a vast knowledge of many of these materials. 

We pride ourselves on helping homeowners everywhere make the right choice for their property and with the wide range of options available for just your roof, you need a reliable company to help you see the differences. When it comes to architectural shingles, we stand behind the products we use because of how our manufacturers stand by their commitment to satisfying their customers. 

With the vast choices of color, lasting durability, and competitive price, our expert designers are more than confident that we can help find something to suit your home.

Aged copper shingles by gold standard restorations the best roofers in naperville illinois

What Are Architectural Shingles?

There are several different names for the many shingles we use; architectural, laminated, dimensional, high-definition and the list goes on. No matter their label, they are all made using a similar process with the highest quality materials. 

The general idea is layering two pieces of fiberglass matting with asphalt and mineral granules to create a multi-layered shingle that has more visible depth, thickness, and durability than a standard, 3-tab roof shingle. The multiple layer design makes these shingles last long when high winds, hail, and other weather conditions come An added benefit will be the dimensional look of high-end products at a significantly more affordable price.

Flawless gray architectural asphalt shingles from gold standard restorations elgin schaumburg naperville barrington crystal lake arlington heights evanston chicago illinois


Architectural shingles are manufactured with a fiberglass mat that is covered in asphalt, similar to a 3-tab shingle but the difference begins with 2 layers for each shingle as opposed to only one. 

We know that in Northern Illinois it is important that your roof can withstand blistering heat, high wind, snow, rain, ice storms, and even hail. At Gold Standard Restorations, we trust our manufacturers to provide the best shingles with the highest durability to match the rigorous weather of this area and this style of shingles is one of the most popular choices for homeowners because they are dependable.

Pacific wave shingles by gold standard restorations the best roofers in mchenry illinois


When you choose this type of covering for your roof, they are often manufactured to mimic a more natural-looking material like cedar or slate and can be made in a variety of color and style options for your home. With the lightweight design provided, they are often a fantastic choice for more complex roofs. Their construction and design are ideal for steep roofs allowing water and snow to easily slide down the pitch of the roof surface.

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More Bang for Your Buck!

While the cost of material is usually higher per square foot to install architectural shingles, the added life span, durability, and savings from them being energy efficient will definitely be worth the change. The shape, look, and detail of these shingles will provide an expensive look at a lower cost, giving your home even greater curb appeal to passersby. 

Not only are these shingles more alluring, but the warranty usually doubles the average 3-tab shingle, and with this style lasting anywhere from thirty to fifty years, some even have lifetime warranty upgrades available through the manufacturer. With all of these added benefits that come with architectural shingles, our expert roofers at Gold Standard definitely don’t feel that there are any other options for your home.

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Low Energy Impact

A properly installed and maintained roof system should lower your energy costs in the Chicagoland area because it helps to keep the temperatures and elements at bay. Your heating and cooling systems will be more effective because these shingles will help by deflecting light, and since they are thicker, adding an extra layer of protection to keep the elements out. This is part of what makes selecting an architectural shingle a “no brainer” for Gold Standard Restoration.

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Gold Standard Restorations

Gold Standard Restoration has been helping homeowners find the right style of roof for their home since 2010 all across the Chicagoland area. We have found that each manufacturer has its own personal strengths and weaknesses, but we realize there are many choices and every homeowner has different needs and budgets. 

This is why our office of expert designers will surely help you find the right fit for your home. We are backed by some of the biggest shingle manufacturers and have been factory certified to install all of these products on your property and provide some of the best warranties in the industry for your brand new roof so don’t wait! 

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