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//Avoiding Roof Scams during Storm Damage Season

Avoiding Roof Scams during Storm Damage Season

Every business has its scammers and roofing is no exception. While scams are infuriating in any season, when your roof is affected by storm damage, leaving your home exposed to the elements and you are vulnerable, falling victim to a roofing scam is even more devastating. Here are a few tips to help you avoid scammers:
Storm damage roof repair
– Unsolicited services – the most common roofing scam is one in which a stranger knocks on your door right after the storm, telling you that he and his team are doing some roofing work in the neighborhood and they can fix your roof, too, for a discounted price. If you let the man in to show him the damaged roof, he will probably tell you a few things about the repairs you need, then he will ask you for money to go to the nearby store for supply. If you give the man the money, you will probably never see him again;
– Free inspections – this scam is usually directed against older homeowners who cannot go up on the roof to check its condition. The scammer will climb to the roof, then tell the victim that the roof is in really bad shape. If the victim agrees to hire the scammer, he will probably do some work up there, but the repairs are usually of poor quality and unnecessary.
No legitimate roofer will ever coerce any client into hiring him, what’s more, most good roofers are very busy after storms. If someone comes to your door, offering his services for very low rates, he is likely to be a scammer or a very poor roofer, so just say no and send him away.
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