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//Can Faulty Gutters Damage Your Roof?

Can Faulty Gutters Damage Your Roof?

Faulty gutters – pipes that are clogged, cracked, sagging, or have sustained other kinds of severe damage – are among the principal causes of roof damage.
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The most important role of gutters is to collect the water that runs down the side of the roof and to direct it away from the roof and from the walls and into the ground. Any fault of the gutter, especially clogging and cracks decrease the ability of the gutter pipes to divert the direction of the water coming from the sky. Gutter faults cause water damage to the wall and to the lower roof areas where the gutter pipes are fastened and they let the water seep into the attic as well. If the area in the attic or in the areas directly underneath the roof becomes too moist and the excess moisture cannot escape the space because of poor ventilation, the condense that forms up there can damage the wooden support structures of the roof and can also lead to the appearance of rot or mold in the attic area.
Gutter faults can have serious consequences, but if you notice them in the early stage, they are not difficult to remedy. To avoid roofing problems, schedule roofing Barrington gutter inspections, and clean your gutter pipes regularly – it is the easiest and best preventive measure.

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