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//Can Wind Really Damage Your Roof? How to Look for Wind Damage

Can Wind Really Damage Your Roof? How to Look for Wind Damage

Many people don’t know the fact that wind damage can be one of the most common forms of roofing damage. If you have an older roof, chances are that most of the damage it was affected by throughout the past few years was caused mainly by severe winds.

But how do you identify wind damage in time, and what measures should you take once you do identify it? Here are a few tips to consider in this regard:

• As a result of strong winds, the corners and edges of roofing tiles and shingles might be shifted out of their neat locations, especially in areas subjected to greater wind speeds and pressure.
• Depending on the type of shingle or roofing products you have, the damage can differ. Composition shingles usually curl, crack or break, while roofing cement might crumble. Wood shakes can show visible signs of splitting and decay, while flat roofs will be affected by blisters and tears.
• It also depends on the roofing material or component involved. Flashing can be torn or buckled by strong winds, while the fascia can have stains and decay signs. Chimneys might lean to one side or even feature flashing damage or damaged bricks.

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Left unchecked, wind damage can lead to more severe damage to your home and roof. Mold, leaks, and underlayment damage can ensue, especially once the precipitation in the area starts to increase. If you want to avoid such issues, it is strongly recommended that you talk to your local industry-leading Algonquin roofing company contractors for a roof inspection and some well-timed maintenance work.

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