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//Common Types of Roof Storm Damage in Illinois

Common Types of Roof Storm Damage in Illinois

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Because Illinois is so frequently hit by strong storms and notorious for its capricious weather, homeowners throughout the state need to be prepared for various types of storm-related damage – here are the most common types of problems caused by storms to the roofs:
– Wind-related damage – high winds can damage or completely remove tiles and shingles. When the storm passes and the roof dries, roofing Crystal Lake storm damage repair specialists should be called out to inspect the roofing for missing components as well as for cracked tiles, torn, curling, or buckling shingles.
– Hail damage – the ice balls associated with hail can crack tiles, they can cause dents on the shingles and they can also dislocate the granules that protect the surface of the shingles.
– Damage to the gutters and to other accessories, such as the chimneys and the flashing around the skylights – cracks and dents on the gutter pipes or on the flashing, loose, cracked, or bent gutters, broken gutter fixing components are all signs of storm damage.
– Clogged pipes – the strong winds that are usually associated with the storms in Illinois may carry leaves, dust, and other debris that can get deposited in your gutter pipes, so clogged pipes are another sign of storm damage.
– Damp spots underneath the roof – rainwater can penetrate underneath the roofing surface, causing serious storm damage, so it is a good idea to check the walls of the attic for dampness that may indicate a leak.

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