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Community Development and Involvement All Over Chicago

Very few roofing contractors in our area are as versatile and highly regarded as Gold Standard Restorations and our commitment to integrity, quality, customer service, and community involvement have made us a trusted name amongst the northern suburbs of Chicago. Whether you have water damage or need siding replaced, want to remodel your kitchen, or just think it’s time for a new look, you can always count on our team of expert roofers to accomplish whatever job you need finished. 

Our services don’t just stop with the physical aspects though. At Gold Standard, many of us are homeowners as well and have helped many clients in neighborhoods and may possibly have a home right down the street! Simply because of that, we want to leave a great impression on all of the local communities by helping out when and wherever we can with the daunting and arduous tasks that it takes to keep the community members satisfied. 

Plus, it’s not just our pro roofers that get to leave that impact; our team members in the office will gladly be right next to our experts that work on the homes that we happily help build. We know that it takes more than just one person to expand economic development so if we can, we’ll provide services to help everyone and anyone’s neighborhood.

Some of our many community development efforts include:

  • Neighborhood services to ensure all work meets regulations and codes
  • Codes administration for building permits and inspections
  • Planning services to successfully guide the community’s growth and development

In addition to the benefits that we bring to the table, we recycle roofing materials to protect and preserve both the environment and community resources for future generations to come.

No Roof Left Behind

For those that are not aware, No Roof Left Behind (NRLB) is an incredible nationwide program that helps the community rally around a local family who’s fallen on some hard times. This amazing program is sponsored by a major distributor known as GAF and depends solely on a local contractor to come out from the woodworks to help provide a new roof at no cost to the homeowner. 

Gold Standard and our amazing team of roofers, professional contractors, and expert designers are proud to be one of the many teams to come forward and help to provide the assistance needed for that family.

A quick overview of the process: once a qualified family is selected by the community, NRLB partners up with GAF to provide the necessary requirements for a new roof including the framework and the many building supplies needed for it. This helps bring entire neighborhoods together to help out a local family that may not be able to afford a new roof but not many homeowners are professional roofers and that is where GSR steps in to help.

It takes a lot to be chosen by this wonderful organization and with the many roofing contractors across not just the greater Chicagoland area but the entire state as well, NRLB certainly has quite the variety to choose from. Yet another reason our entire crew at GSR is honored to be selected amongst the many general contractors to bring a high-quality experience and customer happiness to any and all deserving families that qualify for this.

For any of your home improvement projects, you can trust Gold Standard Restorations without a doubt but know that we are not a contractor staring through dollar signs. We care for our community and we know that taking care of your home from the moment you purchase it to many years later takes both a steady hand and patience, even when it comes to the hard times. 

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Don’t hesitate and call us to ensure your roof is still doing the job it was designed for because if not, our crew will let you know the honest life left in it, the price of any upgrades or repairs, and how soon it will be completed. 

Contact us today at 847-495-2399 to schedule a free estimate or use our online request form and Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

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