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//DIY Roofing Horror Stories – Unprofessional Roofing Work and the Risks They Entail

DIY Roofing Horror Stories – Unprofessional Roofing Work and the Risks They Entail

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When faced with roofing problems, many homeowners just ask themselves “How difficult can it be?” In many cases, they are right when they decide to address the issue on their own, but there are many types of roofing operations that should never be attempted by DIY roofing enthusiasts because unprofessional interventions can only make matters worse. Here are some horror stories to back up the argument:
– Improper shingles and unprofessional installation – shingles that are not of the right size and type will make the roof inefficient and will decrease the roof’s longevity, while installation that does not take into consideration proper direction, spacing and is not done using the right tools and nails will inevitably lead to leaks, premature roof sagging, probably even to the complete collapse of the roof ahead of time;
– Water damage all around – improperly installed or repaired roofs can cause irreparable water damage to the entire house. A roof that is not sufficiently strong and intact because the installation has been done improperly will let water damage areas that should be otherwise protected by the roof, such as the attic, the exterior walls, even the foundation;
– Gutter disasters – gutter installation is often attempted by homeowners, but rarely with much success. Unprofessionally installed gutters fail to fulfill their role of protecting the walls of the house and the roof against water damage, so the few bucks saved on labor costs can turn into huge repair expenses very soon.
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