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//Does My Roof Have Water Damage?

Does My Roof Have Water Damage?

Couple using buckets to catch water leak caused by roof damage from gold standard restorations the best roofers in oak park for 24/7 roof repair - oak park, lombard, aurora, naperville, oak lawn, chicago, illinois

Water damage can be tricky and insidious and it can come with signs that are hard to detect. Some types of severe water damage can be easily noticed – it is hard to disregard the huge damp patch on the ceiling –, but in other cases, detection takes lots of attention. Here is what to look for if you suspect your roof has sustained water damage:
– Ponding water – even if you don’t get leaks yet, roof areas where rainwater accumulates can turn into sources of severe problems very quickly. Water gathers where the roof has started sagging and sagging roofs let water seep through, causing mold, rot, and damaging electrical applications;
– Damaged roof covering components – missing, cracked, buckling, or curled covering elements are not the result, but the cause of water damage in a building, so they need to be fixed as soon as possible;
– Gutters filled with shingle granules – roofing shingles are covered in a top layer of mineral granules for weather resistance. Strong winds can displace the granules and rainwater can sweep them into the gutters, leaving the shingles vulnerable to water damage;
– Damaged decking – most roof decking structures are made from wood, a material that is highly susceptible to water damage. Wood components that are soft or spongy indicate ongoing damage and need your immediate attention.
If you notice water damage, immediately contact roofing Crystal Lake water damage repair specialists to service your roof and avoid additional damages.

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