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//Easy Ways to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Easy Ways to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

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Improving the appearance of your home doe not have to involve the complete renovation of the façade or costly window and roof replacement – here are a few things that don’t require a lot of energy or a substantial investment, but will make you proud of the way your home looks:
Repaint the entry – choose an unusual, bright color for the entrance door, such as red or turquoise – it will add fun and freshness to the overall appearance of your home.
Repaint the walls and the windows – if you are ready to put in a bit more money and energy, you can repaint not only the front door but the entire exterior of your house. Choose contrasting colors for the window frames to add more drama.
Contact Gold Standard Restoration here to inspect and update your roof and siding as needed.
Add picket fences or refresh your existing ones by covering them in roses or in climbing plants.
Add plants in window boxes – whether you have plenty of yard space around the house or your plot is small, window boxes with flowers make your home look more inviting. Choose plants that don’t need too much attention, but look good, such as campanulas, ivy, geraniums, or lavender. Monochrome boxes make a really strong visual impact, especially if the color of the flowers matches the house design.

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