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Emergency Roof Repairs

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Emergency Roof Repairs
Emergency Roof Repairs

Gold Standard Can Help
With Any Emergency Roof Repairs

In the greater Chicago area, we experience so many storms that they can be hard to keep up with, but not for our experts at Gold Standard Restorations. When they cause damage to your property, the one thing that takes the biggest hit is the one thing that is keeping you dry throughout the entire storm: your roof.

After a storm, many don’t think twice about their roof and they continue on with their day as normal, unless part of it’s missing or in the yard or you find loose shingles hanging by a thread. That is, of course, until they begin to hear water dripping in a room it shouldn’t be or worse, see water sliding down the walls. 

This is why you need Gold Standard Restorations and our 24-hour services to come out and patch up those leaks as soon as possible.

Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs
Emergency Roof Repairs

Fix Your Roof Quickly

Emergency repairs are nothing you should delay with because they can have drastic consequences on both the exterior and interior of your home or business and water leaking anywhere on the property means that some form of your roof is not doing its job. It could possibly be a few missing shingles, a torn piece of your flat roof from a hailstorm, or even some areas of loose siding and after a major storm, the problems only get worse.

Even after a bad snowstorm, if the weather is still cold and the snow is not melting fast enough, missing parts of your roof can be very bad for the structural integrity of your home because of the added water weight. This can cause random water leakage anywhere in the roof or attic, sometimes going unnoticed even. 

If you’re noticing these random leaks around your home, check your attic just to see if any water has found its way into it or if you have a suspended ceiling in your business, take the time and check for any discolored tiles that may have absorbed some water. Of course, if you’re not comfortable with climbing up in the attic or not sure what to look for in your offices, call our office so you can have a trusted company come to check for you. 

If left unattended, water buildup on dropped ceiling tiles and attics can cause mold and mildew to grow which creates an extremely unsafe environment for you, your family, or your employees.

At Gold Standard, our expert contractors can spot many of these issues even if they’ve already begun to grow and you can rely on us to give you an honest answer of what is happening above you and what it’s going to take to fix it.

We Repair Roofs All Over The Place!

Gold Standard Restorations has been in business for years and we take great satisfaction in making sure both your home and business can not only endure the ridiculous elements of this great state but also being there when you need a speedy repair! We work with many of our clients throughout the greater Chicago area and with our wide range of coverage, we can most likely come out to your property for a quick fix.

We guarantee our expert roofing contractors will always use the highest quality materials when needed and if we can only do a temporary patch-up to stop the water from coming in, we’ll be back on site just as fast to finish the job. 

We also take pride in how our entire company treats every one of our customers because they know exactly what needs to happen and when our crew can come out to fix your property. Our office will always be available to answer any questions you may have during the entire process as well.

Since we are accredited by the BBB and have earned the Talk of the Town award for many consecutive years, you can rest assured knowing you will be kept in the loop from start to finish, no matter what it will take.

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Emergency Roof Repairs
Gold Standard Restorations

The Longer You Wait, The More It Will Take!

When a storm hits the northern suburbs of Chicago and hits your property harder than you expected, Gold Standard Restorations should be your go-to for any emergency roof repairs. From small homes in Arlington Heights all the way down to your commercial business in Naperville, you can rely on us to be there and stop the flow. 

Give us a call at 847-495-2399 if you have any kind of damage to your roof or suspect that something needs to be immediately fixed. Go for Gold! Trust Gold Standard Restorations!

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