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Flood Damage


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Flooded With Repairs?
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Heavy rains, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods all go hand in hand during most of the year. They impact nearly every state in the United States, and Illinois is no exception; the extreme winds we all experience here don’t help. Gold Standard Restoration is a company that can assist with any and all damage caused by the floods that devastate our cities, and we are ready to help at a moment’s notice. When we get some of the significant storms that affect the greater Chicago area, we all feel the sting in some way.  Water damage caused by floods can be a terrible experience, especially if your property is not floodproofed. While this may be a worst-case scenario, many homes are not ready for these issues when they arise, so we are here to help. Floods are more common in cities that have a higher amount of rain and in towns that have larger streams, rivers, or are even near a lake. 


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Let’s Drain Out Your Home Without Draining Your Wallet!

Floods occur when the spring season comes because of the melting snow and water runoff from ice that has formed over the past months. In the neighborhoods surrounding Chicago, many houses are not prepared for this and when the damage happens, the repairs can be costly. Luckily, our professional crews work in a large number of cities in the Northern Suburbs, and because of the wide areas of coverage, we are able to assist with quick fixes to maintain any sudden damage until a full repair can be accomplished. Our expert contractors will work with you, like your home is their own, and respond quickly to anything else that needs immediate attention as well. Once the storm has passed and we can make the essential home repairs that are needed, we will let you know what needs to be done to restore your property to its original condition. Our experienced crew can also make you aware of any other potential damages that may occur in the future, give you an idea of how they will affect your property, and we most likely will be able to take care of the problem. This way, you don’t have to go searching for another company to hire after a huge storm hits, and thankfully, you’ll be able to rely on GSR to get everything finished in a timely manner.

Everyone here at Gold Standard Restorations is certified, licensed and insured in every single thing we do.

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We Can Also Assist With Insurance Claims!

When natural disasters rear their destructive heads, they can cause more damage than we were expecting, and paying for any kinds of losses to your home or business only brings more stress. This is why the Gold Standard experts can give you the quality repairs you need after a devastating storm and help file the necessary insurance claim to pay for all the improvements. We work with many different insurance companies to make the process of fixing your property easier on your budget and help to decrease the stress that comes along with it. In addition, our roofing contractors in Northern Suburbs work closely with customers to make sure the repairs have been completed and help file their insurance claims. With decades of experience in the industry, we can help you through the insurance process and we also partner with Illinois Licensed Public Adjusters to ensure your home gets everything it deserves.

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Don’t Let Your House Drown In The Damage!
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At Gold Standard Restorations, we are committed to setting a higher standard above all else, and when it comes to an immediate danger like flooding in your home, we are here to help with everything. We offer 24-hour services when these storms hit and help with quick repairs during a storm, replacing any damage done to your home or business, and providing professional services with filing insurance claims.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As homeowners with families of our own, we know customer satisfaction is most important when it comes to our work. All of that begins with a quality inspection, a fair price, a crew that can work with your schedule, and a prompt installation. At Gold Standard Restoration we guarantee that through every step of the process, we will be courteous, professional, punctual, and treat your home with care as if it were our own.  We know that you will be extremely happy with the new standard we have set for you.

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