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//Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

As a homeowner, you’ll find fall as perhaps the perfect time to prepare your home. While not as hot as summer or cold as winter, the season brings about a few problems that can catch many homeowners off-guard.

Hail storm and ice gathers inthe street by gold standard restorations the best roofers in island lake illinois

Fortunately, preparing your home for the coming season is just a matter of following a few tips from the leading experts in roofing in Algonquin, IL.

Start with your roof                                                                                                        

Your roof is bound to accumulate plenty of debris this season, which might end up trapping water in small pockets. This is especially true for roofs with valleys. Consult Gold Standard Restorations to clean your roof and check for any signs of damage.

Have your gutters cleaned and covered

The next part you should prioritize is the gutter. A clean roof sheds water quickly, but leaves can cause clogging and moisture damage. Hire someone to get rid of leaf and debris buildup in the gutters. Consider gutter protection systems to minimize the amount of stuff that falls into it.

Check the siding

As the top roofing contractor in Orland Park, IL, we recommend having your home’s siding checked for gaps or seams. Leaves can easily get in these seams. Frequent rain during fall can make the water get past the siding and into the more vulnerable parts of your home’s wall. Get in touch with Gold Standard Restorations for quality siding. We offer the best products from the most trusted brands.

Don’t forget windows and doors

If your windows and doors are already too old and causing drafts, it can take a toll on your electric bill and HVAC unit’s lifespan when the colder months kick in. For higher energy efficiency, we recommend our replacement windows and doors. These are sure to help you gain more savings from your energy costs.

Do you need help preparing your home for the fall? Contact Golden Standard Restorations to find out more about what we can do to make your home a better place.

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