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Hail and Storm Damage

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Hail Damage
Storm Damage
Hail and Storm Damage
Hail damage on tile roof be restored by gold standard restorations the best roofers in elgin illinois

How Our Professionals
Can Help With Hail Or Storm Damage

In the greater Chicagoland area, the extreme storms that come through here can be no laughing matter. They can seriously mangle, ravage, or practically destroy any home, business, or other property you may own. 

When these terrible storms roll in, they spare no one and devastate everything in their path which is why our team at Gold Standard Restoration is always ready for any repairs or completely rebuilding your home.

Hail and Storm Damage
Contractor doing a roof inspections for gold standard restorations the best roofers in mchenry illinois 1

Storms Are No Joke And
Neither Are Fraudulent Repairmen!

A major reason why our Gold Standard professional contractors stand out amongst the rest is that our crews actually live in the same areas that get pelted by the hard weather that we all experience in the Windy City. Unfortunately, in many different construction trades, there are those we call “storm chasers” and they are exactly as they sound. 

These particular “repairmen” literally chase large storms around major cities, states, and in some cases, even the country looking for the quick buck to get from you and your insurance company. These are the same people that only do storm work, and quite often estimate a simple repair on your home without getting the insurance company involved.

This is all because they have discovered that when your home or more importantly, the roof above your family’s head, has been severely damaged from a recent weather event, homeowners often turn to the nearest contractor that’s available. Regardless of reviews, quality of work, or previous company history (if they have any), you need your roof fixed as soon as possible and that is exactly the desperation they look for in a customer.

Hail and
Storm Damage

Storm Damage
Hail and Storm Damage
A close up view of shingles being blown off a roof and other roof damage that will be repaired by gold standard restorations the best roofers in kildeer illinois

Why You Can Rely On Gold Standard

GSR will never be in the mix with tradesmen like that because, as aforementioned, our skilled workers and their families are based locally and may have also been affected by the same storm as you have. Therefore, it’s always best to go with someone you trust and who is known throughout the area to take care of severe damage and the community affected.

Unfortunately, we have experienced plenty of people in the Greater Chicago area who have gotten the runaround from these fly-by-night “Storm Chaser” contractors. But Gold Standard will always have you covered, and when Mother Nature strikes, we will always be ready to answer the call. 

While our forte is roofing, we are a full-service restoration company with decades of experience that helps us to be one of the top-tier companies in Northern Illinois. Many of us have been in our homes or offices when hail or high winds strike, and even those little hailstorms can cause major damage that, if left unchecked, can go on to make a significant dent in not only your roof or siding but your wallet as well.

24 7 emergecy service provided by gold standard restorations the best roofers in aurora illinois

Damage Comes From Everywhere In A Storm
And We Can Handle All Of It!

Extreme winds and the damage they bring will more than likely catch your eye as you arrive home from work. Shingle damage or missing parts of your roof that have been lost to the wind, pieces or sections of siding covering a patch of grass in the yard, or even worse, a fallen tree can leave you with very few options. Our expert repairmen and our 24-hour emergency service team are both here to help put your mind at ease.

Yet another reason many of our customers become lifelong clientele is because of our quality of service, how we respect our clients, and the simple fact that we will always be ready at a moment’s notice. But like many of the houses we attend to and service, we also have homes and know how it feels when these nasty storms strike. 

Of course, we specialize in roof damage and hail repairs, but our team will always advise you of any kind of damage to your siding or gutters, possible water damage or potential leaks, and anything else. We also have tons of experience working with insurance claims and insurance companies. We can make sure that the estimate from your insurance carrier includes all items needed for the repairs and any safety or building code items that may be missing.

Gold standard restorations working with your insurance agent to get your home repaired the best roofers in barrington illinois

We’ll Work With Your Insurance Company As Well!

If you find yourself with problems in dealing with your insurance provider, our resources also include partners like Illinois Licensed Public Adjusters that can be brought in or consulted to ensure that your insurance claim is being handled fairly and that you get appropriately reimbursed for your loss. We are happy to bring in any resource you need to help bring your home back to the same condition as it was before the storm. 

After our crew has done a thorough investigation, they will advise you of everything that was found and give you an accurate quote of what needs to be done for your home. Furthermore, our professionals will do their best to expedite getting our crew to your house and begin making repairs sooner than many of the other restoration companies.

We have worked with many homeowners that have almost every different insurance company, and we will always give you a fair and honest assessment for repairs that need to be made, get them done in a timely fashion, and stand behind our work proudly.

Don’t Wait To Get Your Home Fixed!

Hail and Storm Damage

Gold Standard Restorations

Gold Standard Restoration is the company to call if you experience any kind of damage after a storm and for over a decade, we have been servicing the Northern Illinois & Chicago area. With how we approach and respect all our customers and their homes, it has only helped to grow our business into one of the most trusted restoration companies in the greater Chicago area.

We put the customer first and pride ourselves on the values of honesty, respect, and accountability. The experts we send out to give you and your family an in-depth inspection of your home have extensive backgrounds in assessing the damage that may occur from storms, as well as any long-term issues that may come up if left unchecked.

Don’t wait to get your home repaired and call us today at 847-495-2399 to have our team help you bring your property back to life. Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

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