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//Hiring Tips for Roofing Companies in Chicago

Hiring Tips for Roofing Companies in Chicago

Surely, every roofing contractor has been through bad experiences related to hiring the wrong employees. But what do you do if there is a national shortage of skilled workers and you are having a really hard time finding people interested in working for you? Where should you look for quality employees and how can you make them stay with you and help to build a team?

Well, the best way to find good roofing workers is to “produce” them, which means to take someone reliable but with no experience, train them and offer them good working perspectives. Unfortunately, training people in this sector takes time – up to a few years, so… few companies actually have the money for making such investments.


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Here are some other tips to hire prospective roofers.

  • Ask your current employees for referrals and offer them a bonus if they bring a serious person, willing to stay in your company for more than just a couple of months.
  • Have the candidates go through a set of relevant interview questions that can help you evaluate not just their skills but also their reliability.
  • Make time to call their previous employers and get references.
  • If your company cannot afford complete training sessions for its employees, at least set in place a short training process for the basic skills and keep a close eye on the activity of the new employees. Make your rules clear, as well as the consequences of breaking them.

You can count on experienced roofing Crystal Lake companies like Gold Standard Restorations to employ only the best-trained roofers to support any and all roofing projects.


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