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//How Can a Damaged Roof Further Hurt Your Home?

How Can a Damaged Roof Further Hurt Your Home?

Roof damage is bad in itself – the leaks that appear disrupt your daily life, the repairs are costly and take a long time to complete -, but unfortunately, roof damage does not stay on the roof only, it causes problems in other areas of your home as well. Here are a few of the problems that damaged roofs cause in areas of the house other than the roof:

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– Water damage traveling downward – a damaged roof will let rainwater seep through the roofing structure into the attic and then even lower, into your rooms. Seeping water can cause damp patches on your ceilings, it can cause harmful and dangerous mold and mildew to appear and is also a safety hazard that affects the electrical appliance in your home, increasing the risk of a house fire;
– Wall and foundation damage – if the rainwater is not properly directed into the ground, it can make your walls damp and it can also seep into the foundation, causing it to crack;
– Decreased property value – roof damage takes away a lot from the selling price that you can ask for your property and it also makes potential buyers more difficult to find.
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