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//How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?

How Do I Know If I Have Storm Damage?

Some signs of storm damage are more obvious, such as broken windows or torn roofing components, while others are less conspicuous but no less serious – here are a few things you should know about the signs that indicate storm damage:

– Hail damage – hail causes easily visible dents and dings on the objects in the affected area, such as the roof, the car, the garden furniture, but in the case of shingle roofs, you need to perform not only a thorough visual inspection but also a manual check to find areas where the surface granules that cover and protect the deeper layers of the shingles have been damaged.
– Wind damage can take the form of fallen branches or knocked-out trees, broken windows, swept-off roofs. Very harsh winds can damage the siding and the shutters as well and the stuccos on your home can also become chipped or cracked.
– Water damage – this is perhaps the most difficult type of storm damage to detect because in some cases it takes days to notice. Look for discolored or damp patches on the ceilings and check your loft for damp spots and patches as well. A damp odor can also indicate that the rain that came with the last storm caused water damage to your home.
Contact skilled Crystal Lake roofing companies to expertly repair roofing storm-damaged areas to restore your home’s safety, security, and curb appeal.

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