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//How to Avoid Indoor Air Quality Issues When Roofing

How to Avoid Indoor Air Quality Issues When Roofing

Indoor air quality is an integral aspect of interior comfort and wellbeing, so it is important to avoid any and all issues that could compromise it. In commercial buildings, air emissions from a roofing job are one of the top causes of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Let Gold Standard Restorations, the leading McHenry IL roofer, explain how this occurs and how to avoid it.

Commercial Roofing Projects that affect IAQ

In many cases, air emissions come from low slope roofs like hot tar and rubber roofs. Hot roofing tar is a major source of fumes and has a rather pungent odor, which building occupants can smell even at very low concentrations in the air.

Rubber roofs on the other hand require strong adhesives, which can give off large volumes of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). These air emissions can be hazardous, especially to people with some form of respiratory condition, such as asthma and bronchitis. What then is the best way to avoid it?

Use Alternative Materials

Today’s low slope commercial roofing products come in many options, some of which emit little or no vapors or fumes. Ask your contractor about the possibility of using self-adhering membrane products, so there are no issues regarding odors or VOCs.

Plan and Schedule the Job Properly

A roofing project, no matter how small, will always progress faster and smoother when you plan for it properly. If you still want to proceed with rubber or hot tar roofing, then perhaps you should do it when the building is devoid of occupants. Another strategy is to keep the windows tightly closed if they are downwind from the roofing tar so that the emissions won’t get into the building.

Communicate Regularly with All the Parties Involved

A roofing project will take some time to complete so the communication needs to be clear at all times. There are times during the process that the ventilation system may need to go off, which can cause discomfort to the building occupants. You need to keep them up-to-date on the project progress and provide them with an avenue to express concerns and report complaints.

Gold Standard Restorations is the top commercial roofing contractor serving the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. We offer 24-hour emergency services, so professional help is just one call away. We are also committed to promoting indoor air quality, which is why we offer a variety of roofing materials for your commercial roofing in McHenry IL, and throughout the Northwest Chicago suburbs.

Call us today at 847-499-2399 today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and quote. You can also use our online request form, and we will contact you shortly.

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