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//How to Maintain Your Barrington IL Roof During Spring

How to Maintain Your Barrington IL Roof During Spring

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The roof is the topmost protective layer on any building, the layer that is the most exposed to the elements throughout the year, and the layer that needs your attention at least once a year. Unless you live in a region that gets even climate 12 months a year, winter is the most stressful period for your roof, so spring is the best time to get the yearly roofing maintenance done – here is what you should do:
– Cleaning – this is the first thing to do. The debris deposited on the roof and in the gutters during the winter months needs to be removed to make inspection possible and to relieve the roof of the extra weight of the leaves, twigs, branches, dirt, and dust that have accumulated.
– Inspection – the task to do after the cleaning is complete is the thorough, inch-by-inch inspection of the roof. Check the tiles and the shingles, the flashing around the chimney and around the skylight, take a look at the gutters. Look for cracks, chipped components, loose shingles or tiles, clogging in the gutter pipes.
– Repair – the problems that you have found during the inspection need to be fixed as soon as possible. Decide whether you want to handle the repairs yourself or you would be more comfortable hiring a trustworthy roofing Barrington professional – if you are not comfortable working at heights, don’t risk an accident, spring maintenance services are provided by most local roofers at really affordable rates.

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