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//How to Maintain Your Gutters in Summer

How to Maintain Your Gutters in Summer

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Gutters work hard the year-round, even in summer, which also means that the gutters that protect your home need your attention during the hot season as well – Roofing Crystal Lake maintenance professionals suggest that here are the most important maintenance tasks that you need to carry out between spring and fall:

  • Remove debris – the first thing you need to do to prepare your gutters for the summer is debris removal. Dust and debris, such as leaves and twigs from the trees around the house gather in the gutters during winter and spring, clogging and damaging the pipes, so cleaning is essential if you are to preserve the health of your gutters;
  • Cleaning – once the debris is removed, you need to grab a brush and a bucket with some soap and water to clean the gutter pipes inside and outside;
  • Check for damage – perform a detailed inspection of your clean gutter pipes to identify any rusty or damaged spots and sagging areas. Pour a little water over damaged areas to check for holes or leaks;
  • Repair or replace – you can repair leaks with silicone or caulk, but if the damage is too extensive, it may be a better idea to replace the damaged pipe;
  • Repeat the above steps every 2-3 months.
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