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//How Will Reflective Roof Shingles Save You Money in the Long Run?

How Will Reflective Roof Shingles Save You Money in the Long Run?

Reflective roof shingles have become extremely popular in areas where the weather is normally very warm. This is because reflective shingles have the unique ability to reflect sunlight and prevent heat from entering the attic and messing up your home’s interior temperature. Per informed roofing Crystal Lake IL specialists, the result is a much cooler and more comfortable home that no longer requires as much insulation and cooling.

close up shot of matterhornshake cedar a certainteed roofing product from Gold Standard Restorations the best roofers in Lake Zurich using Certainteed roofing products - Evanston, Lake Zurich, St. Charles, Wauconda, Chicago, Illinois

If you’re thinking of installing new insulation to prevent your home from being too warm this summer, reflective roof shingles might be a better alternative. Aside from being a practical replacement for your old shingles, it also allows you to get two birds with one stone. The reflective capabilities of these shingles will cool your home enough to allow you to save money when considering how much attic insulation you’ll need.

Reflective roofing shingles will also prevent your AC from working too hard during those hot summer days. As a result, your electric bills will also be less problematic, and you won’t have to deal with expensive HVAC repair as often either.

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider reflective roof shingles, if you want to prevent your roof from being damaged so often. Reflective shingles don’t get so hot during the summer, which offers your roof added protection.

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