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//Is It Time To Call My Roofer?

Is It Time To Call My Roofer?

July 7, 2021Category : Roofing

Roofs are durable and resistant structures that protect your home from the elements, but like any structure, roofs also need professional repair and maintenance to be able to provide suitable protection.

A close up view of shingles being blown off a roof and other roof damage that will be repaired by gold Standard Restorations the best roofers in Kildeer Illinois

Here are a few signs that tell you it is time to call experienced Crystal Lake roofing companies:
– Damp stains or patches on your ceiling – dampness underneath the roof is a clear sign that something is wrong with your roof or with your gutters. It may be just a small problem, such as a misplaced tile or a crack in the flashing, but it requires the attention of a professional.
– Curling shingles – if the shingles on your roof are no longer straight and intact, you should call a roofer right away.
– Roof sagging – a sign of structural damage that should be addressed instantly.
– Ice dams – the icicles that form on the edge of your roof in winter signal that the air in your attic is too warm and it causes the snow on the roof to melt. To prevent heat from escaping and to stop wasting energy, call a roofer to determine how to improve your home’s insulation.
– Dark stains or patches caused by mold, algae, or fungus – this problem is easy to fix by a professional roofer.

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