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//Is It Time to Water Proof Your Roof?

Is It Time to Water Proof Your Roof?

Water-proofing the roof is a necessary procedure to protect residential, commercial, or industrial buildings from water infiltrations that represent the source of many problems and structural damage.

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The roof is the most exposed part of the building to the exterior environment and, sometimes, to extreme weather phenomena. Water has a negative effect on any building`s structure and construction elements that it comes in contact with, and may cause mold and loss of mechanical and physical characteristics of materials used in construction.
The waterproofing membrane can be applied either during the roof construction or on an existing roof.
Water-proofing during construction has the advantage of protecting the roof right from the start, increasing its lifespan; also, costs tend to be lower when the water-proofing work is done in this phase.
On the other hand, water-proofing an existing roof is made for two reasons: restoration of the existing waterproofing membrane, or the need for insulation in an older roof that has not been provided with insulation during its construction phase.
There are advantages and disadvantages in this approach. The advantage is that water-proofing can be phased in, allocating the budget progressively. The disadvantage is that a building with an uninsulated roof is most likely subject to an erosion process, and insulation and repair costs are higher.
Call Gold Standard Restoration to have them provide you with more detailed information regarding the pros and cons of this process.

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