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//Latest Trends in the Illinois Construction Industry

Latest Trends in the Illinois Construction Industry

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Illinois construction industry is doing well, against all odds, and that is mostly due to companies relocating to the Chicago metro area. Specialists estimate that this trend will continue and the demand for new residential and office space will keep going, next year.

On the commercial construction side, it is currently quite difficult to break into, but things might develop differently in the future.

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The shortage of skilled construction workers, noticeable at a national level, is reported in Illinois too. Many employees in this industry left between 2008 and 2011, and many did not return when the market came back after the recession. The new generation of workforce professionals does not seem to be attracted to this construction industry, which is another cause of this skilled labor shortage. Construction companies report that it is very difficult these days to recruit highly skilled professionals, such as senior project managers.  Strategies to recruit for this industry are needed for the future. construction businesses try to become more active with universities, contributing to the development of a pool of future qualified workers, offering internships, and motivating students to work for them. At the same time, many companies also adjusted their conservative culture, becoming more like the other industries that seem to attract millennials to their workforce.

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