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Metal Roofing

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Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing

Let’s Show You How
A Metal Roof
Can Change Your Home!

When homeowners think of a metal roof, many think of their local grocery store or tool depot but not their home. That’s where Gold Standard Restorations steps in with renovations all throughout not only the commercial roofing industry but the residential side of the industry as well!

The advantages that come with a metal roof on your home far outweigh the negatives and our expert designers will be the first to tell you of every good aspect that can come with it.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing

Starting From The Top

One of the best parts of a metal roof is the lasting beauty and lifespan that it can provide for your home. When installed by our professional contractors at Gold Standard Restorations, a metal roof has an expected lifespan of between 40 and 70 years when properly maintained. 

When our crews come out to repair or replace the common asphalt shingle style housing, most of these roofs are around 20 years old when we find them and in need of replacement due to age, wear & tear, extreme weather events like hail, ice, & wind or combination of all them. With metal roofs covering your home, they come installed with rust-proof coatings that will prevent panels from corrosion or cracking over time and are significantly more durable. 

Another amazing attribute of choosing a metal roof for your home is that the many manufacturers we receive our quality material from for our standing seam roofing panels often offer a considerable amount of manufacturers’ warranties. Should you decide on a metal roof, they often even cover the color on the panels for the length of the warranty as well!

Metal Roofing

Worried About Your Carbon Footprint?
Not With Metal Roofs!

Our entire team at Gold Standard Restorations understands that the more we do now to recycle and reuse whatever we can, the negative environmental impact will be much less later for generations to come and metal roofs can help show you how!

Beginning with asphalt shingles, a brief insight into their creation involves them being made with petroleum and unfortunately contribute to a dependency on fossil fuels. Also, with their shorter lifespan and the need for replacement every two to three decades, they commonly end up in landfills and are unable to reuse in the roofing industry. 

Not so fun fact, according to the EPA, every year there are around 20 BILLION pounds of shingle waste disposed of in US landfills alone and this number belongs solely to the United States.

Metal roofs on the other hand, are a more sustainable alternative. Most of these materials are manufactured with around one quarter recycled material and are actually able to be recycled once they are no longer needed. Metal roofing systems are also one of the best attributes for adding solar panels to your home as well! 

For the new developments in solar panels, they can simply clamp onto the panel seams making the installation easier, giving less chance of damaging the underlayment and other components of the roof, and providing a new source of energy for power for your home! That’s not the only thing making metal roofs more energy-efficient and eco-friendly though!

Due to the metal roof’s ability to reflect light, these roofing systems also rank amongst the highest energy efficiency. It has been found that during our hot Chicago Summer months a metal roof can reduce cooling costs by as much as 25%. Some of these systems are coated with specially designed reflective coatings that minimize heat increasing from direct sunlight and will therefore reduce the need to turn up your home’s cooling system. 

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing
Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs Are Following
All The Artistic Trends As Well!

In the past, the most common metal roofs were corrugated “tin roofs” of barns and farmhouses that were undesirable because of their nature to rust and show dirt and wear, however now there are an astonishing number of products on the market with style, color, and metal compositions to fit almost any home. 

There are literally hundreds of colors available through various manufacturers to keep your curb appeal as opposed to the 20 or so options available for asphalt shingles. To top that off, there are metal roofing systems that are designed to hold your custom paint finish for a one-of-a-kind roof for your home. 

While our expert roofers at Gold Standard most often install vertical panels or “standing seam” roofs, there are also options for metal shingles and panels that have the look of traditional asphalt, cedar shake, clay and slate tiles, and several other unique styles that only can be offered in metal roofing.

A Quick Insight To Quieting A Metal Roof

While they may be louder when rain and sleet hit them during a storm if proper precautions are not taken, most people that have this assumption, are thinking again of the old farmhouse or barn roof. Since we, as homeowners do not live in a barn that has a tin corrugated pane for a roof with little to no wooden decking or insulation figured in, this simulation likely does not exist. 

Just the plywood alone will reduce this sound significantly, then we add a layer of ice & water shield that will act as a sealed membrane of its own under the metal roof. Beyond that, most homeowners that are considering a metal roof for a more modern home already have an ample amount of insulation in their attic space that will again reduce this volume. 

For those that are more concerned with noise levels than others, we can also use a foam insulation board that will reduce this noise level further, however this will of course add to the price of the roof. 

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Metal Roofing

Even With the Bad Comes the Good

Everyone knows that for a premium, long-lasting roof, metal can be expensive up front. While traditional shingle roofs can range from $3 to $5 per square foot, metal roofs can be found to range from $9 to $16 per square foot depending on the style and complexity of the system that you choose. 

Like many products available for your home, from appliances to windows and doors, there is a vast difference in durability depending on the quality of products that are available to purchase. Even maintenance, while not critically important with a metal roof, is still a vital part to having a well structured roof. 

However, when you take the cost, energy efficiency, and longevity of the system, most would argue the theory that “you get what you pay for.” The cost of the roof system over time is significantly reduced due to the nearly low maintenance and very little need to replace the roof for 50 or more years as well so don’t wait any longer! 

Call us today at 847-495-2399 to set up an appointment and find out how well a metal roof can benefit you! Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

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