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//Pointers for Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Pointers for Your Roofing Insurance Claim

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The roof is an essential part of a building and this is why it must be kept in the best possible shape. However, problems may occur and when they do, you start realizing the complexity of the claim process: evaluating the damage, filling the claim, gathering evidence, negotiating with your insurance company, etc. Any insurer expects proper documentation in order to process a claim.

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Here is what you should do before claim submission:

Have your roof inspected by a professional roofer – call responsive Crystal Lake roofing companies, immediately after the damage has occurred. Pictures must be taken (it would be great if you would have the presence to take some pictures even before the event that caused the damage!) and you will receive a written estimate of the damage (including the time when the problem occurred, the causes, measurements, etc.) and the costs related to the repairs. This is a very important document in your claim process; as such, you should try to find a contractor with insurance expertise. The professional roofer that estimates the damage should not necessarily be the same as the one that will repair your roof. Actually, be careful when you sign that inspection report, because it might hide a contingency contract and you may not be happy to get stuck with one contractor.

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