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Why CertainTeed Roofing Products
Are Your Best Choice



A Little About Certainteed

Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, CertainTeed has established its place as one of North America’s leading brands in building products. From roofing and siding to fencing, insulation, ceilings, and so much more, CertainTeed has a solution for most building needs. CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain which is one of the world’s oldest building product companies and helps this brand to stand up among all others as a tried and true manufacturer for over 110 years. Certainteed makes top-quality products that will withstand more weather events than many of their competitors.



Certainteed Roofing Product Selection

Certainteed has a wide variety of asphalt shingle options to meet most any need for your home, as well as some great options in metal roofing shingles that look like everything from slate all the way to cedar. They even make some great products to cover low-slope roofing systems. With a heavy focus on the asphalt offerings, we want to take a dive into their shingle options for your home to show you what you can expect when choosing a Certainteed roofing product for your property. Certainteed has many options for asphalt shingles including 3-tab shingles, architectural, and designer shingles. There are even options for impact-resistant roofing shingles that will withstand some of the extreme hail damage we experience in the Chicagoland area. Landmark & Landmark Pro are their traditional architectural shingle offerings that add a dimension to standard roofing shingles and provide more protection by being thicker and heavier than their 3-tab, flat shingle counterparts. The Grand Manor and Presidential Shake products are also great examples of designer shingles that Certainteed offers as well. CertainTeed’s large selection of asphalt shingle products they have available includes the most luxury roofing shingle lines of any brand, plus the mid-grade architectural or dimensional shingles, and the basic 3-tab or strip shingles.

Gold Standard Restorations LOVES Certainteed Shingles!


What Makes Certainteed Roofing Shingles So Tough?

These shingles are manufactured with more asphalt than many of their competitors weighing in at 40% to 80% more than any other roofing styles of similar design and in this industry, heavier shingles mean more durability. Certainteed shingles can be more expensive than their competitors, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, they’re a heavy-duty shingle that is manufactured with more asphalt and will stand up to more extreme weather. 


About the Certainteed Shingle Roofing System

Certainteed has proprietary components that make up their roofing system much like all of their competitors. This includes ice & water barrier, synthetic underlayment, starter shingles, ventilation, and hip and ridge shingles.


Most homeowners have two options when it comes to what goes under the shingles: WinterGuard is their ice & water shield option which typically goes from the eaves up about 3 to 6 feet, is in all valleys, and around all roof penetrations. The second is DiamondDeck, which is a water-resistant, synthetic underlayment that covers the rest.

Starter Shingles

These are flat shingles used at the eaves, or along the roof perimeter that helps in sealing the roof to the deck and protect against wind-driven rain.


What About The Certainteed Shingle Warranty?

CertainTeed has a great basic warranty and some amazing extended warranties to maximize warranty coverage that makes them rank among the top of all shingle manufacturers. With their extended warranty offerings, their material can be covered with a lifetime warranty and can even come with added workmanship guarantees.

What Do Customers Like About CertainTeed Shingles?

Obviously, customers want a durable, top-quality shingle on their home, but beyond that, CertainTeed offers a variety of colors that is unmatched by most other manufacturers, as well as one of the best selection of designer shingles available. This includes the Grand Manor, Presidential Shake, Carriage House, & Belmont, and many more. They also are one of the few manufacturers to offer Triple Laminate (TL), or three-layer shingles that increase the durability and dimension of their products for years to come. This covers quite a bit of their shingle products, but Certainteed has more to offer than just shingles. The Matterhorn line offers the durability of metal but the look of Cedar Shake, or Slate Tile roofing that is unmatched by any other shingle roofing manufacturer. 

Their line of low-slope roofing materials is another great option that will also provide the extended warranties that customers have come to love amongst their many options for shingles.


Call Us With Any Questions!

When considering any type of CertainTeed product, it’s also important to find a company with great reviews and customer service like Gold Standard Restoration that knows how to install it efficiently. Not only have our customers come to trust us, but CertainTeed has come to stand behind us as well as a qualified installer. As a Select Shingle Master (SSM) we have been certified to install their products and offer the top tier of warranties available.

Gold Standard Restorations Favorite CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

  • Certainteed Landmark
  • Certainteed Landmark Pro
  • Certainteed Belmont 
  • Certainteed Carriage House
  • Certainteed Highland Slate
  • Certainteed Presidential Shake 
  • Certainteed Grand Manor
  • Certainteed Matterhorn

For more information on what CertainTeed product is right for your home, call us today at 847-485-0927 and schedule a free consultation with one of our roofing experts.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As homeowners with families of our own, we know customer satisfaction is most important when it comes to our work. All of that begins with a quality inspection, a fair price, a crew that can work with your schedule, and a prompt installation. At Gold Standard Restoration we guarantee that, through every step of the process, we will be courteous, professional, punctual, and treat your home with care as if it were our own.  We know that you will be extremely happy with the new standard we have set for you.

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