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GAF Grand Sequoia Shingles


GAF Grand Sequoia
Biege siding on residential home using gaf grand sequoia from gold standard restorations the best roofers in elgin using gaf grand sequoia shingles

GAF Grand Sequoia

An unmistakable charm and natural appeal to a shake-type roof make it a favored option amongst homeowners.  However, although traditional shake panels have a rich history and gentle beauty, their visual advantages don’t outweigh the high maintenance cost and requirements.  For instance, conventional wood shake roofing comes with its own particular set of obstacles like rot and algae growth and is quite flammable. So even though a shake-style roof may look picturesque on many types of houses, it’s not ideal for every home or budget.  


That was, until now. 

This is where GAF’s Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles come in.  GAF Grand Sequoia Shingles offer the refined yet rugged look of shake roofing tiles without the imposing installation and daunting continual maintenance costs of standard wood roofing materials.

GAF Grand Sequoia

GAF Grand Sequoia
Residential home in front of woods with gaf grand seqoiua roofing shinlges from gold standard restorations the best roofers in hoffman estates using gaf grand sequoia shingles

Affordable Luxury

At only a fraction of the cost of traditional wood shakes, GAF Grand Sequoia shingles are manufactured with artisan-crafted shapes and textures to enhance your roof’s distinct features.  These uncompromising roofing shingles come together with unique cuts and oversized tabs to create an individually dimensional and sophisticated look for your home.  


Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles are specially formulated with inspiring pigments to accentuate each shingle’s rich color and appeal.  These craftsman-quality roofing solutions are unrivaled by other typical shingles and are uncompromised in their resiliency.

Everyone here at Gold Standard Restorations is certified, licensed and insured in every single thing we do.

GAF Grand Sequoia
Gray shade gaf grand sequoia shingles from gold standard restorations the best roofers in aurora using gaf grand sequoia shingles

Dependable Performance

GAF’s Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles come with its proprietary Dura Grip Adhesive, which helps protect your roof from high winds and water penetration due to rain.  GAF’s Dura Grip Adhesive helps create a strong protective bond and significantly reduces the risk of shingle blow-off.  Grand Sequoia shingles are guaranteed to withstand winds up to 130 mph.  

These high-performance asphalt shingles help preserve the beauty of your investment by protecting your roof against unsightly blue-green algae that can often grow between old-fashioned wood shake shingles. In addition, Grand Sequoia shingles include StainGuard Protection – specially engineered capsules infused with copper microsites that consistently release algae-fighting copper overtime to keep your roof looking great year after year.  

Additionally, Grand Sequoia shingles are backed with GAF’s Advanced Protection technology, which blends the very best of weight, performance, and weatherizing that only North America’s largest roofing manufacturer can deliver.  

GAF Grand Sequoia
Brown gaf grand sequoia shingles on residential home from gold standard restorations the best roofers in elgin using gaf grand sequoia shingles

A Trusted Investment

Along with the industry’s highest roofing fire rating, a UL Class A, GAF’s Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles comes with the ultimate peace of mind – a lifetime limited transferrable warranty with Smart Choice Protection extends to a period of ten years.  

GAF has its roofing science and technology down to an art by making safety, reliability, and sophistication look easy with their Grand Sequoia designer shingles.  With its attractive custom color palette of eye-catching options and unsurpassed built-in layers of protection against sun discoloration and unsightly algae, it’s no wonder why GAF is a roofing solutions company you can trust. Gold Standard Restorations and Grand Sequoia Designer Shingles will create a roof that will not only last – it’ll be the talk of the neighborhood and be beautiful for years to come.

Just remember the longer you wait the more damage may be caused so call us today at 847-495-2399 and Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

GAF Grand Sequoia

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As homeowners with families of our own, we know customer satisfaction is most important when it comes to our work. All of that begins with a quality inspection, a fair price, a crew that can work with your schedule, and a prompt installation. At Gold Standard Restoration we guarantee that, through every step of the process, we will be courteous, professional, punctual, and treat your home with care as if it were our own.  We know that you will be extremely happy with the new standard we have set for you.

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