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//Safety Tips for Your Roofing Job Site

Safety Tips for Your Roofing Job Site

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Working on roofs is a dangerous activity, there is no doubt about it. It represents the main cause of death and injuries in the entire construction industry, not to mention that roofing workers represent almost a quarter of those who die because of falling from height; some of them climbed there only to “take a look”, or perform a small repair.
Any fall from a roof inevitably causes at least a serious injury. The risks are very high, regardless of the duration of the work.
Falls may occur from the edge of the roof or through openings or holes left uncovered. Accidents may happen not only in the case of workers who build/ install the roofs, but also of those who maintain, clean, or simply inspect it.
Laborers who must work at height have to avoid as much as possible climbing the roof; in the cases when they can`t, the use of adequate working equipment and preventive measures is mandatory and consists in using existing parapets, roof edge protection devices, elevating work platforms, etc.
If the risk of falling cannot be completely eliminated, workers must consider other measures to reduce the distance and the consequences of a fall, such as air bags, nets, or fall-arrest harnesses.
Experienced roofing Crystal Lake IL companies do everything they can to ensure the safety of their roofing employees. Call them for all your roofing service needs.

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