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Stone Coated Steel
Stone Coated Steel

Fortify Your Home With A Roof Of Stone-Coated Steel

When you consider replacing your roof, you may start to recognize some of the industry terms that are frequently offered as an upgrade for your home, and stone-coated steel is one that we often get questions about. 

Though not very common in our market, the durability of these roofs and style options make stone-coated steel a great product to consider but only if you have a team of professional contractors that can supply quality material to your home. With Gold Standard Restorations, every individual homeowner will get a higher standard of a roof built for each home we build and though it sounds tedious, a stone-coated roof will stand out amongst the rest.

Stone Coated
Steel Explained

Stone Coated Steel
Stone Coated Steel
Stone coated steel roof with skylight by gold standard restorations the best roofers in orland park illinois

So What The Heck Is Stone-Coated Steel?

Unlike the typical panel-style metal roof with exposed finished metal, stone-coated steel has the look of traditional shingles that come paired with the durability of steel. 

These roofing products are covered with a coating that protects against rust and then a layer of stone and, with it being manufactured in this manner, helps them stand up to the harsh weather we receive in the greater Chicago area. This style also provides both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and, with proper installation from our expert roofers, will turn heads for any passerby.

Another question we get when we introduce stone-coated steel to homeowners is, will it be too heavy for my home? Though steel is known for its durability, metal roofing can and usually is lightweight and can be used on a multitude of homes from decades past. An even better aspect being that this type of roof will only be about half as much on your budget as an architectural shingle roof would be.

Limited Maintenance & Long Lasting

Obviously, any exterior component on your home will need some kind of upkeep or inspection to ensure that they stay in good working order but the best part of stone-coated steel is that it’s practically maintenance-free. It’s an extremely durable product that will help keep your home safe from the elements even in the worst weather conditions that Chicagoland can offer. 

Furthermore, many styles of metal roofs unlike what many folks assume, metal roofs will actually reflect heat from the sun as opposed to absorbing it like many of the other products available on the market today. In turn, this will reduce the cost of cooling your home in the summer months by a great amount. 

Also, when you choose Gold Standard and our expert roofers to properly install it, these roofs can last upwards of 40 to 65 years, again with extremely low maintenance. When compared to many of the other options our expert designers offer, these are one of the best investments you can make for your home.

Style & Curb Appeal

With many of our roofers at GSR as current homeowners, we know that one of the biggest reasons to choose a steel roof is the unmatched durability that comes along with the colors, textures, and major variety of options. So when you choose to invest in a stone-coated steel roof for your home, you are choosing a great option for your roofing project that will stand the test of time and the extreme elements while still looking fantastic for decades to come.

But What About the Noise?

Like most metal roofing products on the market, there can always be a possibility of noise from wind or rain when the proper steps and precautions are not taken during the estimation and installation process. 

Unfortunately, many companies tack on using insulation board and plywood on the back end of the price tag at the last minute and, while it helps with keeping the noise down, is not usually included in the initial cost of a metal roof. Gold Standard designers will always keep you in the know when it comes to whatever price is needed to do a great job and we guarantee there will be no last-minute price changes for our customers. 

You can also always add insulation into your attic space that will help reduce any noise as well as help you keep an appropriate temperature inside your home no matter what our Chicagoland area weather has in store for you.

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Stone Coated Steel
Gold Standard Restorations

Don’t Wait To Call With Questions About The Price!

The sticker shock of these roofs can be off-putting for most unsuspecting homeowners that want to consider investing in a stone-coated steel roof for their home. What must be factored into whatever your decision may be is the difference in lifespan, durability, and low maintenance cost when compared to the many other types of roofing materials. 

The blatant answer is yes, you will spend more upfront, but is that not worth the long-term savings you can expect from this type of material? While we know that everyone wants the best, we also understand that budget is a key factor when it comes to deciding on your next roofing project and our experts are always happy to put the numbers together and work with you to find the best fit.

Who knows? When you consider a stone-coated steel roof for your next replacement or remodel, it may be the last roof you ever need and Gold Standard Restorations believes that’s an important option to weigh in. 

Set up a free estimate with our professionals today by calling us at 847-495-2399 and let us help you set a new standard for your home! Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

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