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Storm Damage
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Emergency Storm Damage Repair

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The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is hail or high wind damage, of which we experience plenty in Illinois and the greater Chicago area. Finding a local, reliable roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof after any unreliable weather is not something you plan to do, but it’s important to find a company with attention to detail. With team members spread throughout the Chicagoland area, Gold Standard is a company you can trust to bring your property back to life after a weather event.

That’s why the experts at GSR can be counted on to find these small but significant problems before they cause immense damage to your roof or property. After any major storm, don’t hesitate to call us for a trained eye to come and investigate because we will keep you in the know from the moment we show up!

Your roof not only protects your family and possessions but your livelihood as well, and your home, just everyone’s is full of memories and it is always going to be worth the ultimate protection. Gold Standard Restoration is prepared for when Mother Nature strikes your home or business property and we are ready to help at the drop of a hat.

In many different homes and buildings, damage to roofs may not affect your property until it’s too late. In many cases, this damage might not even be visible to the naked eye for up to a year! When this sort of destruction finally comes around, the cost can be so much more than expected because the cause may have been weeks or months ago.

Emergency Storm
Damage Services

Storm Damage
Storm Damage Services

Rebuilding Peace of Mind

There’s a reason Chicago’s known as, “The Windy City” and in Chicago’s suburban paradise, roofing contractors can be just as unreliable as the weatherman. GSR is working to give your family and the community the satisfaction of knowing that we are a trusted company that can be counted on when the weather throws the unknown at you. 

After a storm in Chicago and the surrounding areas, it’s not uncommon to notice more and more out-of-town contractors and “Storm Chasers” trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of you with storm damage to your roof or siding. These particular workers are known to make fast and faulty repairs that won’t stand the test of time, and when their quick remedy fails, they’re likely gone and moving to the next city the storm is going to hit.

This alone has caused many homeowners to question who they can rely on in a pinch to come out and fix an emergency problem after a bad storm rolls through your neighborhood. It will always be best to go with someone you trust and know within the community to take care of these damages, as we’ve known plenty of people in the Greater Chicago community who have gotten scammed by these “Storm Chaser” contractors. 

This is yet another reason Gold Standard contractors are known all over the area and trusted by new and old homeowners alike. We take pride in not just our work and ability to handle many, if not all, problems caused by storm damage but also the simple fact of being an honest and reliable part of our neighborhood. 

No matter the type of storm damage, Gold Standard Restoration has you covered:

  • Hail Damage
  • Ice Damage
  • Wind / Tornado Damage
  • Heavy Rain / Water Damage

You Can Count On Us

Emergency Storm Damage Services

You Can Always Rely On Us For Any Fix!

We have many resources at our disposal that we can take advantage of to fix the many issues caused by the terrible storms that roll through which only helps to bring a calming and comfortable mindset to the many homeowners we do business with. 

Since many of our expert roofers are homeowners themselves, we understand the stress of dealing with storm damage and dedicate our time to help make the rebuilding process easier for you so don’t wait to give us a call. Even if you have concerns about possible damage or questions about pricing call us at 847-495-2399 and remember to always Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

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