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Storm Damage

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Storm Damage
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As a property owner, the last thing you want to deal with is damage caused by hail or high winds, but we all know the nasty weather in Illinois and the greater Chicago area doesn’t stop there. Moreso, finding a local and reliable roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof after a major storm is not something many usually plan for, but it is very important. 

Gold Standard Restoration is here to help you prepare for when Mother Nature strikes your home or business property and we are always ready. Not only does your roof protect your family and possessions, but it’s also one of your biggest investments as well. Your home is full of memories and it’s worth the ultimate protection.  

Our team is trained to produce top-quality work, help homeowners navigate issues with their insurance company, and ease the stress of the repair process for all parties involved.

Peace of Mind

Storm Damage
Storm Damage

The Windy City

There’s a reason Chicago’s known as, “The Windy City”, and in Chicago’s suburbs, unfortunately roofing contractors can be just as unreliable as the weather. 

After a storm in Chicago and the surrounding area, it’s not uncommon to notice more and more out-of-town contractors and “Storm Chasers” trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of you with storm damage to your roof or siding. These particular types of contractors don’t mount up to what GSR can accomplish simply because they are following major storms that strike all over the country and cannot be counted on when it comes to your warranty and peace of mind. 

Gold Standard Restorations
Is There For You!

Storm chasers will work quickly and inefficiently because their goal is to move on as fast as possible. They do not produce quality work and, while they may fix any damage caused by a storm in a very short timeframe, they often do not follow up with you as a customer, and won’t be around in a few months if you need them. This could leave other problems that you may find unfinished when they say they’re done, but your final payment may be the last you see of them.

Gold Standard will always give you the comfort of knowing that when we arrive at your property, our expert analysts will provide you with a thorough assessment of the damage that has been caused to your home. Our team will also do our best to make you aware of any other problems with your home that may lead to an even bigger issue in the future, and we’ll give you a fair and honest price for the work involved.

If you’re satisfied with the value our company offers, we will work with you to get our team out to your home as fast as possible to fix any and all issues in a timely and efficient manner. Once we are finished, you can rest assured that we will follow up with you to make sure that any repairs and improvements made are up to your expectations and standards.

We find that it’s best to choose a contractor that you can trust, that will treat your home like their own and provide you a service you can count on for years to come. We will always back our workmanship and make sure your home is safe and secure following any storm that causes damage in the area.

Types of Damage
We Cover

Hail, Ice, Wind, Tornado, Lightning, and Flood

Storm Damage
Storm Damage

Types of Damage We Cover

No matter the type of storm damage, Gold Standard Restoration will always have you covered including:

  • Hail Damage
  • Ice Damage
  • Wind / Tornado Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Flood Damage

Hail damage can significantly impact your home’s roof or siding. Whether it’s large, golf ball size hail, or even just small pea-sized hail, many homeowners brush it off as nothing to worry about or just another storm when violent weather rolls through. However, in many cases, it can either create damage or add to other issues that you weren’t aware of before and become problematic for years to come. While that may be a worst-case scenario, this happens more often than many realize, and our team is always ready to handle it.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to repair any kind of destruction caused by high winds or hail. We know the stress that the weather in our area can have on homes, and we hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure that our products and workmanship can hold up to even the toughest that mother nature can send our way. 

Even with high winds, icy weather, and major hail, the greater Chicago area also gets its fair share of thunderstorm downpours as well. In some instances, floods and lightning can also cause dangerous complications to your home. Extreme lightning storms can strike trees, causing them to fall into your yard or, even worse, your home, and for any family, that is a very stressful situation. 

During some of these storms, we can experience massive amounts of rainfall, which can cause floods in the area, and if your home isn’t prepared for this, it could leak into the basement or window wells. With all of these intense scenarios, our experts will always be ready to help and provide repairs to ensure your property is safe from any storm.

Waiting Can Only Make Things Worse!

At Gold Standard Restoration, our repair technicians will ensure that we will live up to our name and provide quality restoration to your home. We understand the stress of dealing with storm damage and dedicate our time to help make the rebuilding process easier for you – Go for Gold with Gold Standard!

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