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//The Best Shingles to Choose for Your Illinois Home

The Best Shingles to Choose for Your Illinois Home

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When choosing roofing shingles, Illinois homeowners need to take into consideration not only factors determined by the size and the type of the construction but climate-related aspects as well. The roof protects your home from above, so the shingles on it need to withstand even the most severe weather – here are the best roofing Barrington shingle varieties that offer the best quality for the state’s climate:

  • Metal shingles – an excellent, affordable choice that offers an attractive appearance, durability, and resistance to any weather;
  • Asphalt shingle roofing systems – the most common choice across the state, preferred for features, such as resistance to quick and dramatic temperature changes, variety in terms of colors, textures, sizes, and styles, and reduced weight that makes asphalt shingles suitable for lightweight buildings as well;
  • Clay – a traditional material that can withstand moisture, heat, wind, storms, and snow, but that can be used only on buildings that are solid enough to hold up the material’s weight;
  • Slate – another traditional and heavy material that is resistant even to the most severe weather and comes with a lifetime warranty. Slate shingles are among the most expensive roofing materials used today, but the durability and the visual appeal that they offer compensate for the high costs.


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