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//The Illinois Business and Construction Climate

The Illinois Business and Construction Climate

Recent reports show that Illinois is not doing so well, being ranked 47th for business and construction environment. Obviously, it is not such a great place for contractors to do business, but the good news is that there are resources for starting some strategic improvements and transform the state into a contractor-friendly business environment.
Policymakers should start thinking about allowing contractors to expand their operations, reduce the cost of public constructions, support competitive bidding and create more jobs across the state.
Suburbs and chicago downtown
In this rather poor business climate, the construction industry and exceptional Crystal Lake roofing companies are actually doing well, especially in the Chicago area. This boom is mainly due to large companies relocating to this area, which brings increased demands for residential and office space.
The skilled labor shortage in constructions that affected the entire nation after the recession is a problem in Illinois too. It is estimated that between 2008 and 2011, this industry has lost about 35% of its skilled laborers; they simply left or have been transferred to other industries and many of them didn`t come back. Additionally, just like everywhere else, in Illinois construction is not such an interesting career path for the upcoming generations, which makes it very difficult for construction companies to get their hands on qualified workers.

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