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//Things to Do in Fall in Chicago

Things to Do in Fall in Chicago

Visiting Chicago this fall can definitely work to your advantage. The city is planning to host several events that anyone who knows about Chicago’s culture and history will long to be part of.

If you want to see up close what the city of Chicago is all about, the 10-day celebration of the Windy City, its culture, music, art, literature, and much more, will present you with everything you can possibly want. The event will be hosted at various venues throughout the city between October the 10th and 20th.

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Another great way you can experience Chicago in its fullest splendor is through its remarkable architecture. On Oct. 19-20, the Chicago Architecture Foundation hosts the 3rd annual Open House Chicago event. During this period you will be free to visit and explore up to 150 old mansions, beautifully designed theaters, private clubs, and a host of other fascinating buildings that speak a lot about the city’s culture and history.

AMC River East 21, 322 E. Illinois St. is hosting the 48th Chicago International Film Festival this October. If you’re fascinated by foreign films, you can experience two whole weeks of exceptional new movies by some of the most well-known foreign directors in the world.

With a busy schedule and the organization of several major events this fall, you can experience Chicago like no other time throughout the entire year. Other events like the Englewood International Film Festival, Wonders of the 1893 World Fair, and the Fall Ball will also keep you interested and help you book your entire itinerary this fall.

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