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//Things You Never Knew about Chicago

Things You Never Knew about Chicago

Chicago is an exciting metropolis with lots of exciting things to do and see and with lots of secrets as well – here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about the Windy City:
– The nickname – Chicago is called the Windy City, but not because the weather is windy, but because in the past the city had lots of boastful politicians;
– The river – the Chicago River is the world’s only water that flows backward. Until 1900, the river used to flow into Lake Michigan, but then it was reversed to prevent sewage water from being poured into the lake;
– Panoramic views – if you climb up to the top of the skyscraper formerly called Sears Tower and named Willis Tower today and you look around, you will see not one or two, but four neighboring states;
– Dinosaurs – the city’s Field Museum is home to the world’s largest T-Rex skeleton;
– Numbers – Chicago has 552 parks, 200 theaters, almost 7,500 restaurants, 200 art galleries, and the city hosts over 36 parades annually;
– Firsts – the first open-heart surgery was performed in Chicago in 1893 and the first televised presidential debate was also broadcast from here in 1960.

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