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//Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Severe Weather

Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Severe Weather

Rain falling down off a roof

With hurricane season approaching quickly, this is the time of the year when homeowners start preparing their homes against severe weather. The extreme weather events that are typical for the areas located in Hurricane Alley reverberate in other areas throughout the country, so prepping homes for storms, earthquakes, landslides or floods is an important task for any homeowner. Here are a few things that you need to do to protect your home and your family:

  • Move your valuables to a safe place – collect all your valuables, your important documents, and emotionally important objects, such as photo albums and move them upstairs to a safe place, away from the windows;
  • Review your insurance policy – the damage caused by natural disasters can be prevented only to a certain extent, so you need to be prepared for situations that you can’t influence. Check your home insurance policy in time and make sure your insurance policy provides coverage not only for the damage and loss caused by the storm or the hurricane but also by the consequences of the storm, such as floods;
  • Check and fix your roof – your home is only as strong as the roof on it, so make sure the topmost protection layer on your home is solid and healthy. If you are not comfortable doing the inspection and the repairs on your own, hire a top-rated Algonquin roofing company for the job;
  • Check all the openings on the house, such as the doors, the windows, the holes through which pipes and cables enter your home, and repair the seals around them.
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