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Types of Roofs for Your Home

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Types of Roofs

Asphalt Shingles, Cedar, or Tile,
Gold Standard Restoration has it all!

With so many different types of residential roofs to pick from and the massive selection of shingles or tiles available, choosing the right style can become quite a headache. 

Gold Standard Restorations is a company you can trust to help you find the right kind of residential roof that will not only exceed your expectations with the workmanship we provide, but will also last for many years to come. We’ll give your home the upgrade it needs for curb appeal and get it to shine like gold in your neighborhood.

The most common types of roofs in many residential areas begin with asphalt shingles. These shingles create the typical look of common houses and are used in many different homes, apartment complexes, and HOA’s throughout the world. This particular style is made out of asphalt and fiberglass and is designed for simple installation by professional crews everywhere. 

Asphalt shingles are manufactured in different styles and, depending on your home and the rigorous weather it encounters, come in variating types of quality and sizes. For example, architectural shingles have an amazing reputation for being very durable in heavy weather environments, lasting much longer than their counterparts, and in the Chicagoland area, are more resistant to our high-velocity winds.

As a subtle bonus, asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors and can add a visually appealing look, which in turn raises the value of your house when maintained correctly. Since asphalt is a very versatile product already, architectural shingles are always being developed into more contemporary designs and there is always a style that we can help you find.

Black Asphalt Shingles
Black asphalt shingles
Red Asphalt Shingles
Red asphalt shingles
Grey Asphalt Shingles
Grey asphalt shingles

Renowned Products We Constantly Work With

Gold Standard Restorations//

Gold Standard Restorations

Here at GSR, we will bring you only the best quality ingredients for the recipe that creates your roof. In doing so, we work with many different companies that vary according to your budget, personal style, and the quickness that your roof or roofs need to be completed. 

We work consistently with a profound company called Certainteed because of the professionalism we receive from their representatives. They are always willing to oblige with our needs when we need new products or a large amount of material for bigger jobs. We also hold the top installer accreditation from them as a Select Shingle Master.

Another major name is Owens Corning which many of us have heard of and yes, they manufacture more than just fiberglass insulation. The beauty of working with a company so well known is that their material has withstood the test of time and homeowners and contractors alike know they can rely on their high-quality products.

Not only do they boast impeccable handiwork that sells well enough on its own, but the roofing products that we receive from their major manufacturers come in a multitude of colors, styles and almost always will be able to fit your budget. The shingles produced are highly resistant to wind and have incredible ratings with Energy Star for being very reflective on hot and sunny days. This helps with lowering your monthly utility bill and most products purchased for installation come with a warranty through Owens Corning.

Those 2 big-name producers are just a couple of the many manufacturers that we use for shingles, and at GSR, we will find what style of shingles you want to see covering your house and still be able to stay within your budget. However, don’t be fooled by the descriptiveness of the aforementioned installations as we install more than just asphalt shingles; that is just the common residential style roof that many homeowners use in the Greater Chicago area.

Not a Fan of Asphalt? Don’t Worry! Gold Standard Does So Much More!

Roof Types

As the technology of building products in every trade evolves, many new options in roofing are becoming more readily available for our customers. This includes the use of synthetic roofing materials and designer shingles that have the ability to look like old-world roofs like slate, tile, and even wood roofs like cedar. Gold Standard Restorations is always ready to help design your new roof and help make your vision a reality. In fact, many roofing companies are beginning to introduce commercial products into the residential world, like metal roofs and flat roofing materials and GSR is helping homeowners find which of these products best suits their style. Our experts can give you advice on many different options while you’re renovating your home and help to give you ideas for a new custom roof to fit your personal style.

Gold Standard Restorations

Tile Roofs

There is also a resurgence amongst new homeowners in using traditional materials as well! For example, tiled roofs have an amazing look and are growing in popularity with newly built homes, and for many people, can be more artistic than the common roof styles that have been around for decades. 

They provide a greater amount of protection than most styles of shingles because of the way they’re manufactured and they can withstand a greater amount of impact in rainy climates and areas more prone to hail. In fact, they can last up to 100 years and, of course, much longer with proper maintenance, than typical shingle roofs. 

Tile roofs were made from slate, fired clay, or a terra cotta material many years ago but now they are more commonly made with molded, tinted concrete tiles. They come in all sorts of different shapes including curved, flat, and interlocking, and many different styles. They can take a massive amount of rainfall with little to no problems and can withstand extreme weather environments that we’re all familiar with in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago.

However, even with a surplus of pros, there are some cons to tile roofing like the ability to break if they are greatly impacted by weather like large hail and not repaired soon afterward. The cost might be a minor deterrence, and depending on your home’s structure, the weight of this type of roof may not even be a possibility. If this is the case though, our professional designers will help to find the right style of roof for you!

When you call Gold Standard Restorations for a free consultation we will surely advise you if your home can withstand the load of a tile roof. While tile roofs can be very expensive, they are well worth the money and add quite the visual appeal to any home.

For those that are not aware, thermoplastic polyolefin, or more commonly known as TPO is used mainly in commercial roofing because of the ease of installation. It can be mechanically fastened or ballasted but is usually installed with a strong adhesive or sealed using a heat gun because of its ability to withstand both heat and cold for a very long time. 

It is also a single-ply membrane of synthetic and reinforcing scrim (a strong, flexible, and fire-retardant material that is used in TPO) and typically used for flat or low-slope roof applications. If your home has this particular style, our consultants will undoubtedly advise you of this option.

Let’s Not Forget About the Beautiful Outdoors

Cedar Roofs

Another product making a big comeback for roofs everywhere is Cedar shingles and shake. In fact, many roofing contractors around the nation are not so apt to work with this particular style because of the complications and strict regulations that come with installing Cedar. 

Here at Gold Standard Restorations, our highly-trained roofing professionals have the skillset and qualifications to install Cedar roofing on homes across the greater  Chicagoland area. We’re happy to give you the opportunity to see what your home would look like with the rustic appeal of cedar. 

There are two main styles of Cedar roofing: shingles and shake. As it sounds, cedar shake is a more robust-looking roof, coming in thicker pieces that can be installed with a bit more of an inconsistent pattern to give your roof a more natural look. The rustic appeal begins with the manufacturing process as they are made primarily from split logs. 

The other style of Cedar roofs used often is shingles. Cedar shingles have been used throughout history as a very common type of roof because, simply, it is made from wood and was formatted for a variety of different homes from small cottages to grand estates that still stand today. Technology has come a long way since just slicing wood though, and with new developments in cedar roofs and shingles, they can last significantly longer. 

Even though it sounds simple, there are even many different styles to choose from for your home, and Gold Standard experts will help you slice through all the options.

While many homeowners like the tough look of this roof, there can be some downfalls to a wooden roof as well. A typical cedar roof needs regular maintenance and since it is wood, can develop mold, mildew, and moss. When you get cedar shingles or shake installed on your home as part of a remodel or a brand new house, our installers at GSR can include a treatment preservative that can prevent fungal growth and preserve the wood and help to make it last much longer, however.

We Cover A Lot With All The Roofs We Work With So Don’t Hesitate to Call Us Today!

While this may be a lot to take in, Gold Standard Restorations is always going to be here to help answer any questions you may have with our free consultations. Whether it’s a brand new home, an all-out remodel, or a simple roof replacement, we are the roofing company to hire so contact us today at 847-495-2399 and let’s get you covered! Go for Gold Standard Restorations! Go for Gold!

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