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Waterproof Roofing Services
Tar paper being applied for waterproofing from gold standard restorations the best roofers in oak lawn for roof waterproofing

Trust Gold Standard To Waterproof Your Roof

Waterproofing a roof is not something that many owners tend to worry about. Surely your roof is already water-resistant enough as it is, but over the years, your roof might not be able to keep even the smallest leaks away. Gold Standard Restorations should be your number one choice for making sure your roof is properly maintained and cared for from the time they are installed and each year after to avoid problems later down the line. Most people assume that roofs are made to be waterproof, but that is not exactly the case. Most pitched roofs are actually made to shed water down the slope, which prevents water from entering the property by allowing it to flow down. However, this does not make it waterproof. If water were to pool on your roof because something is stopping the flow of water, then you are likely to get water to enter your property. In order to waterproof your roof, you would need to actually add a membrane that seals off the roof from water intrusion. Roofs require regular inspections and year-round maintenance to prevent or resolve any problems before it gets worse. We advise you to inspect your roof twice a year, especially after severe storms and Gold Standard is the company you can trust to make sure your roof is in good standing.

Roofing Services

Roofing Services
Flash metal used for waterproofing by from gold standard restorations best roofers in elgin for roof waterproofing

Why Waterproofing Your Roof Is Critical To The Life Of Your Home

A quality roofing design begins with the style and installation of your roof and is always important to make sure they are durable and will last many years so you don’t have to worry about the condition of your home each time it rains. Some roofing designs, however, may be more susceptible to leaks depending on the materials used and the construction or design of the property. For example, inclined roofs promote satisfactory drainage as water can come off of the roof, rather than flatter roofs that could allow water to accumulate. Your roof should also allow water to go further from the foundation of your home, as water can seep in and deteriorate it over the course of many years. Yet another factor that our experts at Gold Standard will also take into account are well-installed and functional gutters so they can properly drain water further away from the core of your home. Considering all of these components will increase the life of both your home, its roof and proper waterproofing helps to keep leaks away for many years. Flashing is another important aspect of a functionally waterproof roof. It is the metal that covers the joints or extensions of your roof to prevent water from seeping in from random areas. 

When our experts at GSR come out to help you waterproof your home, if they believe this will help with sealing up your roof even better, we will definitely let you know and be more than happy to be the company to get it done right.

Waterproof Roofing Services
Roofer coating waterproofing coat from gold standard restorations the best roofers in lake forest for roof waterproofing

Improve Your Home By Starting With The Bathroom

A roofing membrane can be installed on the roof frame and act as additional protection against moisture under both shingles and tiles, but that will not be the one-time fix for water damage. This is why you should call Gold Standard so we can send our professional contractors out to advise you of any potential hazards with your current roof and assist in getting it properly waterproofed. However, if you are properly maintaining your roof and ensuring there are no leaks beginning to occur and if everything has been installed correctly, your roof will keep your house dry and safe all year round. The waterproof roof coating we refer to as GACO is used mainly on flat roofs and is a good option if your current roof has no underlying damage. If you encounter problems such as holes or cracked flashing, you will first need to repair them before using a surface-level method such as paint.

Roofer coating waterproofing coat from gold standard restorations the best roofers in lake forest for roof waterproofing

This method of waterproofing is convenient and easy and aesthetically improves your roof. Still you get what you pay for and waterproofing paint should never be considered as a permanent solution to a major problem. Rather, use it as an added sealing system to help seal the smaller nooks and crannies that may be harder to access. Most good quality waterproofing paints also offer UV protection and an integrated membrane, which increase the longevity of your roof. Gold Standard Restorations is BBB accredited and as authorized roofers, we would be pleased to apply waterproof paint to the ceiling before the rainy season and after any necessary repairs that have been made to your ceiling. 

Roofer applying waterproof sealant to roof from gold standard restorations best roofers in chicago for roof waterproofing services

Let Gold Standard Help Keep You Dry! Call Us Today!

Waterproofing your roof is something to seriously consider, especially given the amount of rain, hail, and snow we experience all across the greater Chicago area. Gold Standard Restorations knows that a leaky roof can cause permanent damage to the interior of your home and many of your precious possessions. With the quality construction we provide, we can ensure that the job will be done right. Whether it’s replacing your roof, coming by to fix random water leaks, or making sure your roof is completely waterproofed for the snowy and rainy seasons, trust us to get it all done right!

Call us today at 847-495-2399 to get a free consultation and make sure your roof is ready for the elements. Go for Gold! Go for Gold Standard Restorations!

Waterproof Roofing Services

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As homeowners with families of our own, we know customer satisfaction is most important when it comes to our work. All of that begins with a quality inspection, a fair price, a crew that can work with your schedule, and a prompt installation. At Gold Standard Restoration we guarantee that, through every step of the process, we will be courteous, professional, punctual, and treat your home with care as if it were our own.  We know that you will be extremely happy with the new standard we have set for you.

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