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//What Are Architectural Shingles and What Are Their Main Advantages?

What Are Architectural Shingles and What Are Their Main Advantages?

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Are you looking for a more durable and practical option when it comes to replacing your roof? Experts like those at premier Crystal Lake roofing companies say that although there are plenty of great products out there, architectural shingles are considered the best, not only because of their price but also because they’re among the most modern and well-designed roofing products available on the market:

view of roof of house using belmont style certainteed roofing shingles from Gold Standard Restorations the best roofers in St. Charles using certainteed roofing shingles - Evanston, Lake Zurich, St. Charles, Wauconda, Chicago, Illinois


• Architectural shingles are uncommonly durable. Unlike regular asphalt shingles, they often come with warranties that are rated at 25 to 40 years, so you can be sure that they’ll outlast most asphalt shingle products by more than a decade. In fact, some manufacturers will even provide you with a lifetime guarantee.
• Since it’s heavier than most types of roofing, composite shingle roofing is also more resilient in the face of bad weather. Strong winds will not easily move the shingles out of their established place, and the individual shingles will also be more resistant to curling or being bent out of shape.
• With architectural shingles, there are no special tabs to align, nor are there any particular, special instructions to follow. The installation process is, as a result, much easier than with most other types of roofing products.
• Composite shingles are also able to prevent algae from growing and fires from spreading. They will certainly not require as much maintenance as your common asphalt shingle roof.

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