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//What Is Dry Rot?

What Is Dry Rot?

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Dry rot is one of the most serious forms of damage that wood can sustain. The decay manifests in the form of discoloration on the surface of the wood in the incipient phase, is flaking and cracking in more severe cases, and in the most severe situation, the rot can turn solid wood into a soft powder.


The phenomenon is called dry rot, but the name is misleading. The decay is caused by an infestation with a wood-eating fungus that thrives in moist environments, so the infestation process and the fungal proliferation could not take place if the wooden component and the area around it were really dry.

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Dry rot can occur anywhere where there is wood and moisture. The most sensitive areas are attics where the wooden roof support structures are more exposed to moisture than any other area of the home, but dry rot can also appear on wooden window frames, doors, door frames, thresholds. The wood components that are not painted or have not been treated with some sort of anti-fungal coating are especially at risk.

According to Gold Standard Restoration experts, the areas affected by dry rot need to be eliminated as quickly as possible, before the rot starts spreading. After cutting out the damaged parts, you can reconstruct the surface with caulking or epoxy resin and then treat it with a protective coating to prevent the problem from recurring.


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