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//What New Siding Can Do for Your Home?

What New Siding Can Do for Your Home?

Siding is the protective cladding attached to the exterior walls of a house that plays more than a protective role – here are a few of the things that new siding does for the house it is installed on:

  • Protection against the elements – siding has been invented to protect the walls of the house against rain, snow, ice, hail, and wind;
  • Structural support – only masonry walls are able to withstand the weather on their own, all other wall types, such as internally framed walls or walls that rely on I-beams must always be fitted with siding to provide stability;
  • Aesthetic importance – siding panels provide a common theme for the building as a whole, thus conferring a harmonious exterior appearance to the building;
  • Thermal protection – most materials used for making siding panels have superior insulation properties, making the siding an important component that helps with temperature control inside the home and minimizes heat loss;
  • Protection against moisture–siding is an efficient water barrier as well, protecting the home against the penetration of water through the walls.

Homeowners can choose from many different siding materials. The options include wood, vinyl, metal, asphalt, composite, masonry, and stone, each material having different physical features and being suitable for different designs. Let roofing Barrington siding experts stop by and tell you how they can add value to your home with new siding options.

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