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//What to Look for When Inspecting Your Roof

What to Look for When Inspecting Your Roof

Scheduling bonded and insured roofing Crystal Lake IL contractors for regular roof inspections is the easiest and best way to know what is going on with your roof and to prevent roofing issues from getting worse.

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Here is what a roof inspection will look for while up there or while inspecting the roof from the ground:
– Rust or cracks on the flashing – the areas around skylights or vents are very sensitive to rust damage, so make sure you perform a thorough inspection in these areas, then remove any rust and fix the cracks with the help of a professional roofer.
– Curling, blistering, or buckling shingles – damaged shingles compromise the integrity of the entire roof, so check for the signs and replace the damaged components.
– Missing components – shingles or tiles that have been swept away by wind or by a strong storm will leave your roof vulnerable, so the problem needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
– Granule loss – roof shingles are covered in a layer of granules that is there not only to provide texture but also to protect the deeper layers of the shingles. If the granules are displaced, the shingles became vulnerable and need to be replaced.

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