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Let’s Look Into New Windows With Your Remodel!

When we are doing full remodels for homeowners all over The Windy City, believe it or not, we find that one of the most overlooked exterior features of any home is the windows! At Gold Standard Restorations, we know that even upgrading your windows or the seals around them is just as important for maintaining any efficient home. When you have our professional contractors come
out to your property, not only are we helping to provide your home with natural light and warmth but we are ensuring reliable installation every step of the way.



Why Maintaining Or Replacing Your Windows Is Important

When it comes to owning a home, every person wants to make a wise investment before putting their signature on the final dotted line. While there are several pieces of your home that can be upgraded or refurbished to bring more value to your home, choosing the right windows and keeping them maintained over time should be at the top of your list. Windows only have two things to do: open or close when the weather changes and stay clear so we can all see the beautiful clouds and trees. So the question remains: “if my windows are clear and operate smoothly, what is there to maintain?” Contrary to popular belief, there are several reasons why updating and maintaining your windows can both make your home more energy-efficient and bring a larger return on the investment other than the esthetics like walls and flooring. As we all know, a home is most desirable for the natural light that it can bring in, and having up-to-date, well-maintained windows is the biggest way to ensure that your home will turn into the lasting investment you dreamt of it to be.

Everyone here at Gold Standard Restorations is certified, licensed and insured in every single thing we do.


Get The Brand That Won’t Crack Under Pressure

Every homeowner in the greater Chicago area experiences high winds and low temperatures, yet we also see our share of hot summers. Believe it or not, the right type of glass that goes into the framework will make all the difference. That’s why Gold Standard will be the best choice for any remodeling that needs to be done because the experts in our office will let you know of all your options. While our great state has its own version of summer, the wide range of drastic climate changes and even wider variations of winter storms we all encounter can be just as much of an ordeal. When we come out to examine your home for new windows, there are generally two types of ways we advise our clients of combating the ever-changing weather we receive here. The first is by upgrading your single-pane windows to double-pane windows with high-performance glass, and while the initial cost may be more upfront, the long-term investment you make with them will be worth it.

The second is adding exterior storm windows to your already existing windows for even lower costs and essentially, the process is exactly as it sounds. Doing either option will turn out to be significantly more cost-effective because even if you’re just adding an exterior storm window, our professional contractors that come to your home will be able to analyze the status of your current windows. While this process sounds minuscule, this will allow them to see any possible punctures in the seals around your windows and check if there are any cracks in the framework. Additionally, they’ll be able to tell how much longer your windows will be able to do their job, as well as how you can receive air movement into and out of your home to improve comfort and reduce cooling and heating cost’s.  

Let Us Clear The View Around Your Home!

At Gold Standard Restoration, our expert designers are here to help you choose the right product that will benefit your home and to ensure that we will always bring quality materials to your home. Whether you’re planning on selling your home in the future or looking for an upgrade, any time invested in us will bring a substantial return to you. Did you know using the brand known as Prior Windows, you can help ensure the safety and security of your home? There have many different styles you can install on your home and for the safest type on the market, we highly recommend casement style windows! They are created to be on a hinge instead of sliding up and down or side to side and since their invention, are quite the good fit for any home! All our experts are here to help you understand all the benefits of updating and maintaining all the windows on your home and we are here to help you choose the best option for you.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As homeowners with families of our own, we know customer satisfaction is most important when it comes to our work. All of that begins with a quality inspection, a fair price, a crew that can work with your schedule, and a prompt installation. At Gold Standard Restoration we guarantee that, through every step of the process, we will be courteous, professional, punctual, and treat your home with care as if it were our own.  We know that you will be extremely happy with the new standard we have set for you.

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